These links will help connect you with many other sources of valuable information relating to the sport of Diving in Australia and overseas. Also some links to government departments that govern or fund our sport.


Diving Australia


Diving New South Wales


Diving Victoria


Tasmanian Diving Association


Diving South Australia


West Australia Diving Association



The International Governing body of Swimming and Diving around the world

Canadian Diving Association

Diving UK

Diving USA


International Olympic Committee

Australian Olympic Committee

Australian Sports Commission

Queensland Dept Sport & Recreation

Queensland Academy of Sport

Australian Sports Anti-Doping Administration
All athletes and their parents should be aware of the regulatory requirements of drug administration in sport in Australia

Queensland Blue Card
Information on obtaining and maintaining a blue card in Queensland

Sports Federation of Queensland, now known as QSport

Queensland Olympic Council

iSport - Diving
For all things diving - some great information and instruction

Swimming World Magazine

National Collegiate Athletics Association NCAA
The starting point for anyone interested in seeking a college sponsorships to compete in the USA