DQ Policies and Procedures

This page contains current Diving Queensland policies, documents and guidelines that are available for download. Amongst others, these include the Diving Queensland Constitution, Members Handbook, SunSmart Policy and Inclusion Statement.

In June 2022, Diving Australia signed up to the National Integrity Framework (NIF) which is a suite of sport integrity policies developed by Sport Integrity Australia.

In the same month, Diving Queensland also moved to adopt the National Integrity Framework.

To review information, policies and procedures that relate to the National Integrity Framework, please click on the link below:


To review all of Diving Australia's policies, rules and procedures including Complementary policies for non-NIF matters and those that relate to matters occuring prior to the adoption of the NIF (Historical and Archived Policies), please click on the link below: 

Diving Austraila Rules and Policies

Please note, where relevant Diving Queensland adopts Diving Australia's policies and procedures. For the avoidance of doubt and to the extent of inconsistencies Diving Australia's policies and procedures take precedence.